How Crazy Cow Events can save you money!

How Crazy Cow Events can save you money!
May 29, 2015

One of the most asked questions we at Crazy Cow Events receive is ‘How is this free?’

We work on a commission basis from the venues which means that we can offer our service free of charge.  There is a common misconception that by working off a commission basis venues must mark up their prices in order to make the same margins. We do not work with venues that do this as we always work to the same price as if you were to go directly to the venue – if not by providing a cheaper price due to the good relationships and volume of business we place with the venues.

By using Crazy Cow Events we are not only able to negotiate a great price for your event, we also have years of experience that will help you save money on your event – all completely free of charge.


Here are a number of ways in which we can help you save money:

Venue Knowledge

With our years of combined experience we know the top venues that will match your brief and budget.

From our first conversation we have an idea of where will suit you, your guests and your budget! To save you trawling through page after page of venues, seeking the venue that ticks all the boxes, we have this knowledge instantly. It is not only money we are able to save, but time too.

Think outside the box

The majority of our clients favour Zone 1 as their location for their event. With excellent transport links and close proximity to the offices we don’t blame you!

However, this is where you are most likely to find the higher end prices. By heading just a little further afield it is possible to get everything you are looking for well within budget. Often in a venue that will be new and exciting to your colleagues.

An example of thinking outside of Zone 1: There are a number of Sports stadiums such as the Emirates Stadium, Stamford Bridge, Charlton Athletic’s Stadium and the Kia Oval that all make excellent venues for conferencing, parties and private dinners.

The idea of travelling, especially by tube, isn’t admittedly an appealing one so why not make the journey part of the fun of the event. Just picture hopping on a private chartered boat moored at Embankment Pier, being handed a glass of champagne and setting sail down the Thames to arrive at Raven’s Ait. A secret island in the middle of the Thames in Kingston. This adds a luxurious, opulent feeling to your event and in my mind certainly beats the 17.15 from Waterloo (although it does only take 20 minutes).


Day of the week

The key dates of both Summer and Christmas party seasons always fall on Thursday (the new Friday) and Friday (the actual Friday). But that also means that you pay a premium for these days of the week.

Opting for a Wednesday – or better still a Monday or Tuesday – is a great way to get exactly the same quality without as hefty a price tag. Just think that extra money saved by booking a different day could fund extra wine or the taxi ride back home.

Weekends are also a great option, they give a bit more of a sense of occasion, travelling into London on a weekend, making a special trip and not having to crowd around the mirror in the ladies’ office loo to do your make up, all contributes to making a Saturday Christmas Party a great alternative.

Spend Wisely on Catering

It is a common misconception that canapés are the most affordable option – however 9 times out of 10 this is simply not the case. Canapés are generally elegant, require multiple ingredients and a lot of careful work goes into constructing these bite-sized pieces of art. This makes them far more costly than most people would first think!

It is certainly worth comparing menus and considering buffet or bowl food options. Sharing platters are also hugely popular, fun, interactive and sometimes a far more cost-effective option!


Go in-house

On the catering theme, often the best option is, thankfully, the most simple. Opting for in-house catering as opposed to bringing external caterers in offers an array of benefits! The venue are often able to reduce hire costs, or keep them far lower if you are using their in-house caterer and dry hire fees are often a real budget-drainer.

Not only is it generally the most affordable way, but also far simpler and easier to have everything coming from under one roof. As the favoured caterer know the venue well, the kitchen and the staff service is far smoother and more efficient. A number of venues often believe you can’t beat their catering and are so proud of it that they do not allow external caterers!



‘How much?!’

We’ve all said it, we’ve all heard it, and we’ve all thought it. London is not famed for its affordability but it is often worth every penny. We at Crazy Cows Events are a fundamental tool for anyone looking to get great value. With our extensive events and party knowledge we can spot a price that is too high and we will negotiate it down before sending it over to you.

When we encounter seemingly unnecessary costs and unreasonable prices we have the privileged position of negotiator. We maintain great relationships with the venues we work with so if a cost does seem to be off base, we had that existing professional rapport that allows us to boldly ask: ‘How much?!’ And generally, we get some pretty good results!

It is our job to find you the perfect venue – and being within your budget is an absolute key factor. Finding the best venues is what we do best! So look no further – contact us at Crazy Cow Events and see what we can do to help.

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