Crazy Cows vs. Bear Grylls

Crazy Cows vs. Bear Grylls
May 6, 2016

Crazy Cows vs. Bear Grylls

With the weekend ahead we certainly weren’t expecting what was to come. Most event agencies like us would expect the social norms of a FAM Trip (that’s familiarisation trip to you- or family trip as we like to think of it!) to come complete with a few drinks, some nibbles, a show around of the venue and of course networking-  but throw in some fire building, axe throwing and a few cockroach shots, and that’s what you can expect from a Bear Grylls FAM trip!!

Imager of two girls holding drinks one is blonde and the other has brown hair beghind them is a cardboard cut out of bear Grills

After checking into our room, we we’re greeted by the lovely East Sussex National Resort event team and the Bear Grylls experience team who let us in gently to what was the come. Joined by various event agencies from around the South East we enjoyed some fabulous cocktails and a 3 course meal and a very warm welcome from some meal worms and cockroach apple sour shots too! Not only did we get the privileged of experiencing the brilliant event services, but we also got the opportunity to view the rest of the hotels event spaces too. The night was filled with plenty of food and frolics but definitely didn’t prepare us for activities we’d be getting into the following day!!

Two girls with their back to the camera stood infront of a land rover in a field

Fuelled up with a fantastic fry up and donning our best outdoor gear, we headed off in landrover convoy over the venues on-site golf course to where set up base. There we were met by the rest of the Bear Grylls team who had laid on a variety of activities set in the woods of the Hotel’s acres of land- in preparation for what was to come. We started off by learning how to tie various knots in large ropes in 2 teams, from this we were then in competition with one another to pull a landrover across the woods as quickly as we could. Next, each team had to nominate a person to be “injured” and carried through the woods on a stretcher made only using ropes and wood. As the appointed nominee, I wasn’t given quite the rest I anticipated… Laying on just a pile of coats and some knotted rope with my head rattling inside a helmet, we luckily made it to the finish line ahead if the other team.

Getting Drity

The activities that followed included axe throwing, camp building and fire signalling – us Crazy Cows are definitely now prepared for survival in the wild as in the event world!

Nice Hat

Up to our eyebrows in mud, we were certainly a sight for sore eyes upon return!! But the array of pizzas, sandwiches, fish and chips as well as tea and coffee with pastrie sorted us right out! We were also treated to the spa facilities along with a relaxing massage to ease our aching muscles!

The trip was a fantastic experience and a brilliant insight to not only the East
Sussex National’s extensive  event facilities but also to the Bear Grylls Experience that anyone can enjoy- for those brave enough you can even do a whole weekend of survival activities!! For more information on how you can get involved in these events get in contact with the. Crazy Cow Team today.

I think for now, we’ll let the bears do the expert outdoor surviving and the cows do the expert venue finding!


Muddy Day