A Week in the Life of a Cow – 17/08/2015

A Week in the Life of a Cow – 17/08/2015
September 1, 2015

Oyster Card Give-Away!

On a Wednesday morning, the Cows up and went to 3 of London’s busiest train stations to spread the word of our brilliant summer promotion! – ‘Book your next event with us and get a FREE bottle of bubbly’

With over 2,000 FREE Crazy Cow oyster cards to give away, they were snapped up within 10 minutes!

With plenty more Crazy Oyster cards to give away (complimentary), hopefully you’ll catch us again soon to claim yours… watch this space!

Oyster Card

The lovely (yet Crazy) cow Nicola ready to brave the 8am commuter rush!

Ambassadors Bloomsbury

Ambassadors Bloomsbury remains a popular venue through offering extremely competitive spaces for a variety of events, including their afternoon tea events.

Us Crazy Cows had the delight of enjoying the venues infamous array of teas as well as their scrumptious sandwiches and cake- perfect for afternoon tea conferences! Offering something different to your everyday business meetings.

Just a short walk from Euston station, the flexible event space is ideal for a variety of events, with the added bonus of their friendly and experienced events team!

The venue also boasts a afternoon tea DDR package- perfect for those conferences with a twist!
Ambassadors Blooms

Us cows enjoying a spot of afternoon tea! Courtesy of the Euston based venue.

Medieval Banquet

Set in the underground vaults of St Kathryn’s Docks at Tower Hill, Medieval Banquet offers a unique event experience for all audiences!

 Medieval Banquet is one of Crazy Cow’s most popular venue, particularly during the Christmas period.

The venue combines theatrical and musical re-enactments from the Henry VIII period, with a banqueting set up for guests to enjoy a 4 course dinner whilst enjoying a variety of entertainment.

The entertainment consists of circus acts, singers and musicians as well as the theatrical waitresses- introduced to guests as their very own “wenches”, who will wait on your beck and call for the duration of the evening.

The hearty 4 course meal followed a jousting competition between the entertainers which allowed guests to engage within one another through cheering (banging the table!) and dancing amongst the entertainment.

To top it off all guests are given the opportunity to don medieval attire, through the selection of medieval costumes the venue had on a display.

The evening was a night to remember, full of entertainment & laughter. A brilliant and unique event venue for all demographics.

Medieval B

Crazy Cows (from left to right) Ellie, Lottie, Sophie & Jess all dressed in medieval attire!!

Medieval B 2

Crazy Cows (from left to right) Jess, Ellie, Lottie & Sophie ready for the hearty medieval banquet.

Medieval B 3

No cutlery allowed! – Sophie with her soup at hand, medieval style…

Barsmith  &  Clerkenwell & Social

Former Jenius Social events coordinator, Gloria Battini, gave us Crazy Cows the privilege of visiting The Barbican’s most up and coming venues Barsmith & Clerkenwell & Social

Located just a 5 minute walk from each other, both venues are bursting with potential for all events during the calendar year.

Barsmith really wowed us with their unique cocktail menu, presenting before us a large selection of impressive flavours- including Milky Way & Tia Maria martinis! (Our personal favourites)

Full of character and exclusive event space, Clerkenwell & Social tempted us to their pizza menu.

We Cows cannot recommend these venues enough- ideal for intimate celebrations at a very competitive rate!

Clerkenwell & Social 2Clerkenwell & Social 4Clerkenwell & Social 3

We Crazy Cow’s testing out the venues impressive selection of unique cocktails!

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